Julie Minns
Labour Candidate for Carlisle

Carlisle shaped who I am, my values and my belief in community and collective action. I am standing to be the MP for Carlisle to give something back to the city I love, and because I love what it could be even more.



I was born in Carlisle, went to school in Carlisle, and I live in Carlisle. If elected, my office and my home will be in Carlisle and being the MP for Carlisle will be the only job I do.


I’ll be a visible MP, out and about in and around Carlisle, talking to local people and holding in-person advice surgeries.


I am a campaigner. I have a proven record of delivering locally and nationally for people. I will be a strong voice for Carlisle and local people.

Without Julie’s commitment to giving local people a voice, her love of our community and her belief in Carlisle, there wouldn’t be a campaign to save Carlisle Baths and we would have lost another piece of our city’s heritage forever.

My Priorities


Founder & chair of charity to develop Carlisle Baths as a Centre for Health & Wellbeing

The Tories have decimated our National Health Service. It's now impossible to register with an NHS Dentist or see your GP quickly in Carlisle.

Change will only come if Labour win the next General Election, but we only win by winning back seats like Carlisle.

I will work with our Councillors and communities to support the wellbeing of local people; reducing crime ,tackling social isolation, improving green spaces, and helping Carlisle become a clean energy city.


Senior Manager at two of the UK's largest infrastructure providers

Growing up I saw how successive Tory Governments destroyed Carlisle's traditional industries. I witnessed first hand how unemployment shattered lives and devastated our communities.

Carlisle needs well paid, skilled jobs so that young people who leave for higher education, return; and those who come here to study, stay.

As MP I will work to bring central government jobs to our city, and support the further expansion of low carbon technologies across our region.


Portfolio holder for Transport. Lambeth Council 1998-2002 & former Trustee of Living Streets

Local businesses are suffering because there is no reliable public transport for their customers and staff. Older people are left isolated because their bus route has been cut.

We need to bring bus services back under local control to improve public transport within Carlisle and increase the routes and frequency of buses to and from local villages.

I will seek improvements for cyclists and pedestrians to encourage active travel and improve accessibility.