Julie Minns for Carlisle

A petition to save our railway ticket offices in Carlisle from closure.

Julie holding a leaflet titled ‘Stop Train Companies Closing Your Ticket Offices’.

We the undersigned:

Demand the Department for Transport stops the proposed closure of ticket offices located in Carlisle.

The decision to close nearly all ticket office stations across England will have a huge impact on passengers who use the service and look to the ticket office staff for support and guidance as they’re booking their journeys.

Closing our local ticket offices will leave many rail users without the valuable assistance they currently receive and cause real problems for vulnerable and disabled customers who will not be able to access the same level of service and support if having to use a ticket machine.

The staff at our local stations are always on hand to offer guidance and help and have worked tirelessly through some really tough years. Through the pandemic, they were on the frontline, serving customers despite the risk to their health and keeping our rail services moving.

The focus should be on providing customers with the much used and appreciated service at our local stations, not making changes that will make it harder for passengers to purchase tickets and get advice from ticket office staff.

With only 21 days allowed for the consultation, it is crucial that the opposition to these plans is made abundantly clear.

Please sign below to help save our local ticket offices.

Carlisle Labour Party,
hustings & vote

Saturday 18th February. 

Registration: 9.30am

Location: People First, Conference Centre, Milbourne Street, CA2 5XB

Meeting starts at 10 am prompt, no admittance after that time.
Eligible members should have received an email ‘selection hustings and vote’ with venue details, and a form to apply for a postal vote by noon on 13th February.

Email north@labour.org.uk to apply